Desarrollando destrezas de lectura a través del ritmo y la musica

This collection of 15 instructional songs is entirely in Spanish. The CD is complemented by a teacher’s guide with information and ideas for activities for each of the songs. Topics covered are appropriate for emergent readers for learning the alphabet, vowels, syllables, consonants and some punctuation. Songs for understanding the silent ‘h’, hard and soft sounds of ‘c’ and the tapped and trilled ‘r’ are also included. Many teachers are particularly fond of the song, La consonante amante, for teaching syllabications that lead to combinations which form words. Desarrollando destrezas de lectura incorporates music, rhythm and rhyme. This is a 15 selection Spanish CD and song book by Linda Quiroz. K-3


  • Spanish Titles
  • 1. Hola, ¿Cómo te llamas?
    2. El abecedario al estilo “Quiroz”
    3. ¿Qué son las vocales?
    4. Las vocales
    5. Las sílabas
    6. La consonante amante
    7.  Cada cosita cuesta cien centavos
    8. Gallo Gordo le gusto

  • Spanish Titles (cont.)
  • 9. La hache es un viejito
    10. Rosa la ratoncita
    11. “Mongo”
    12. El ‘Rap’ de A B C, A B C Ch
    13. Un pensamiento
    14. La oración necesita
    15. Los puntos de interrogación

978-1-938084-20-1 / Songbook + CD / $30.00


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