Developing Literacy Skills: through Music, Rhythm, & Rhyme

This 20-selection English CD and songbook are the counter part to the Spanish literacy material titled, Desarrollando destrezas de lectura a través del ritmo y la música. These selections will enhance instruction with music, rhythm and rhyme. Topics covered in the English CD include catchy tunes for the alphabet, vowels, alphabetical order, punctuation, capitalization, adjectives and nouns. Two of the selections address long and short vowels, which are not part of Spanish literacy. K-3


  • English Titles
  • 1. Hello, My Name is Mary
    2. The Alphabet ‘a la Q’
    3. Just what are the Vowels?
    4. The Vowels
    5. One Vowel-Two Vowels
    6. A,B,C – A,B,C,D
    7. “The Sentence Needs…”
    8. The Question Mark
    9. The Rules of Punctuation
    10. Use the Capital Letter

  • English Titles (cont.)
  • 11. I’m Not Afraid
    12. My Silly Cousin
    13. Please Write Me a Letter
    14. I’ve Got Something To Do
    15. Compare and Contrast
    16. Seven Elements
    17. Spaghetti and Meatballs
    18. Mom!
    19. My teeth
    20. Gotta Do My ‘Best’

978-1-938084-21-8 / Songbook + CD / $25.00