Teaching With Rigor: DOK Question Stems & Sentence Frames

Research shows that teachers ask an average of 300-400 questions per day. How do we ensure that the questions asked promote the greatest learning to occur? And how can we encourage students to respond using academic language? The Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Question Stems and Sentence Frames are at the various DOK levels which serve as a visual for multi-level questioning and scaffolding for academic responses. This resource can be used independently or as a supplement to the STAAR Guide to Success!

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60 English and 60 Spanish strips are included!

978-1-938084-65-2 / $50.00

STAAR Bundle
978-1-938084-61-4 / STAAR Bundle
2nd-5th – $250.00
6th-8th – $230.00
End of Course – $225.00

STAAR Guide to Success
Depth of Knowledge Sentence Strips
STAAR Vocabulary Kit


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