Teaching with Rigor Through DOK Plus STAAR Guide to Success

Rigor here, rigor there, rigor, rigor, everywhere! What does rigor mean? What does rigor look like?

The Teaching with Rigor professional learning provides the answers to these questions. But most importantly, it demonstrates the significance of aligning instruction to the standards and assessment.

Additionally, it provides a language that allows administrators and teachers to discuss rigor with a common understanding.

Plus package includes:

• 6-hour professional learning
STAAR Guide to Success
• Online follow-up


Spanish 3rd-5th
English 3rd-8th

End of Course

English (English I & II)
Algebra I
U.S. History


One comment on “Teaching with Rigor Through DOK Plus STAAR Guide to Success

  1. Hereford ISD says:

    Thank you. This has been the best training I have attended in my 8 years of teaching. I really think I will be able to use everything and improve my teaching and my students learning.

    Teacher @ Hereford Junior High
    6th and 7th Science